“Not true M/S”

…, someone said about my prior post at TOMB, to what I responded:


I understand and agree, 100% – I could (should?) have called it “sorta M/S” or something, altho’ I did not call it “M/S”; but mebbe I was unclear.

Obviously, it is not accurate in sound or time or space or “phase” or whatever, and not a true example of trad M/S, which, as I said (so typo’d) is a PITA to set up.

That said, it sounds cool and it is “sorta M/S” to the extent that the side channels are inverted copies and cancel in mono, and it sounds anywhere from roomy to ridiculously separated, and the best part is it’s easily set-up and repeatable and (with two performances) symmetrical in that the mic’s are locked in place on the stand, in the “sorta M/S” position.

It is, I submit, close enuff for rock-n-roll guitar, if only as a effect.

Anywhat, feel free to ignore it, but mebbe try it first (or just listen to the above link) if you see the stated advantages – especially the ease and repeat-ability of set-up – it really sounds pretty cool, IMNSFHO. Twisted Evil


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