Vlayman: “Nekkid & Alone”

Nekkid & Alone
c. ’12 The Friday Project

Jump on me, like she do,
Get up on me, while she’s talkin’ ’bout you
Get all sweaty, like she do
Jump up on me, say she love me too

CH: She’s rapacious
Ever gracious
But she takes all that she wants
And leaves you nekkid and alone

Lays me out, most every night
Always she leaves by full moonlight
Hear howl, here me moan
She’s out there, and I’m alone

Swears at me when she needs
Leaves me hungry, after she feeds
Gets all happy when I cry,
Rejuvenated as I die

Satisfaction just ain’t her thing
Wants me voiceless as she sings
Sings out in victory as she comes
Her arrival is my death song

Drums:Beyer M160 OH’s, kick&snare ISO’d
Bass: Alvz-Brick-Dbx160XT
LdVoc: GAPd1-UA710-11l6
RthmGtrs: SG-FirstAct222-AT804-ISA1
LdGtr: Start-Trdmrk10-MD421II-ISA1


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