Post about Pre’s

So at the g-slutz and elsewhere I have been reading that some recordists don’t see the value in having numerous pre’s. Some even rail about it, “marketing rip-off”, etc.

The argument is often that so many great albums were recorded on desks …

If I hadda SSL or API desk or something, even a Ghost or PM mebbe, it would be a ball to make records with.

I don’t have the $, or the space …

So I find colour and flava thru pre’s.

And I agree, the player, the instrument, the mic are all prob’ly more/as important; I vary them as much as I can along with outboard and plugs.

But I do see value in different pre’s, from Mackie to ART to Studio Projects to Bellari to Altec to Meek to Presonus to UA to Focusrite …

Do all y’all?


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