Some mic notes

I posted this at TOMB:

FWIW and just mebbe to give you some idears, I really like the AT504/604 dynamics on toms and they can be found used for mebbe US$75. They have an excellent mounting system and are nice and small. The Senn 609 (US$90) is cool on amps, and some claim on toms. (I have an Audix F-something that I do not like, on anything, ever.)

FWIW, while I haven’t used them on drums, I really like both the MD421II and the RE320 on bass, guitars and vocals – they are cool large dynamic flavas from updates of the classics (used, US$200).

I went thru numerous methods and sets of mic’s (SDC, LDC, ribbons, dynamics) for OH’s and finally decided on AT4040’s (used US$250).

Same for FOK/near-room, and settled on a MXL144 (used US$60). I also often like cheap ribbons on amps, but not much else.

I never did like the 635a or other omni’s on room – mebbe because our room sucked, but that kinda mic (I also have RE10, PL5, SM653L, AT802 omni’s) can sound cool on acoustic guitars, amps and BV’s; I try and buy ’em under US$50 and they are great fun.

Also, I have the CAD M179’s (condensors) and love ’em on acoustic guitar and even vocals and I bet they’d be good for OH’s, rooms, guitars, etc.; they get lotsa good forum-hype as toms mic’s and you can find ’em in the US$80 range used which is amazing in that they have infinitely-variable patterns. I think the M177 is the cardoid-only version …

Finally, I like buying up old AKG and Shure mic’s, etc., whatever (I try to spend less than US$30 each) and they can be fun on amps, BV’s and snare (where I usually default to a Beta58 on top, SM57 or SM58 on the bottom – they all sound different from each other, BTW).


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