Why my vox tend to suck

As part of a doiiscussion at lostoverture.com, I posted:

For me, I tend to not re-work vocals for a baker’s-dozen reasons, some better than others:

1. I’m kinda lazy;
2. My voice sucks;
3. I like spontaneity;
4. Melody is behind rhythm in precedence for me;
5. I can’t sing;
6. I bore easy;
7. I lack time;
8. I’d rather scream like Cornell than sing like Rob Thomas;
9. I don’ wanna annoy my kids more than I do;
10. I’d rather vocalize like Tom Waits than warble like Whitney;
11. I like annoying listeners;
12. I feel I usually – if just barely – get it done aiight;
13. I like annoying all y’all.


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