Some of my recent TOMB posts re omni dynamic mic’s:

Thanks to whomever mentioned this recently (mebbe jgimbel?) and clued me in to using a 635a on acoustic guitar.

I set it 2′ back and pointed at the base of the fingerboard through an ISA1 (impedance on the “ISA110” setting) into a dbx166A (taking about 6dB off at 9:1), what a killer sound!

I swapped that for a RE10 on the other side of the track and was very pleased; the 635a was nice and kinda trashy sounding, the RE10 somehow darker and tighter.


But I found it interesting; I recently did a tune where I stacked acoustics with a Shure Beta Green 2.1 and a Bellwanger ECM8000 and I do think the omni’s sounded cooler, more “rock-n-roll” as opposed to polished.


I like the AT802 and especially the Shure SM63L. Both are marketed as “interviewer mic’s”, as was the 635a/PL5.

Another good, inexpensive omni is the Rat Shack 33-1070D, what is said to be a kinda omni SM57 (it is made by, and says right on it, Shure).

My current fave condensor omni (variable pattern, actually) is the CAD M179.

Me, recording-wise, I like ’em on amps and backing vocals, and now, acoustic guitars.


Well, it does make a difference where ya point it from 2′ away; the soundhole sounds different from the neck, the body, and/or the head, tho’ not as much as with a cardoid, etc., of course.

I think of dynamic omni’s not so much as less directional, but rather with a bigger window in the direction it’s pointed, especially at relatively short (under 3′? 6′?) distances. IOW, the directionality is less focused in location, and over a bigger area, the farther back it is from the source.

It might help to picture one of those expensive little flashlights, where as you turn the bulb end the beam gets wider, and more diffuse, until you have the shield back so far it’s basically a candle. The light, of course and by analogy, being sound flowing into the mic …

Dynamic omni’s never quite become that candle (unlike, say, a CAD M179 where it has two diaphragms and powered circuitry), and depending upon proximity to the source, are somewhat focused to the front, [EDIT:] especially at and/or due to the higher frequencies.

At least in my experience/delusion.


The only dynamic omni data sheet I can easily find is for the AT804 (I have an AT802 what I like OK):

Note the tighter “focus” at higher frequencies. 8kHz, of course, is near the pick-hits-string sound …



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