Vlayman: “Universal”

c. ’12 Vlayman

Speechifyin’ don’ t really mean you know what yer talkin’ about
If it’s important, just one sound is all ya really gotta shout
shout it out

All yer cryin’ don’t really mean that you know what it is to regret
And if yer dyin’ then you really oughta look forward to it
Shout it out

There ain’t nothin’ universal
There ain’t nothin’ that applies to all
And if life is just rehearsel
You better believe we done it all
We done it all

All yer laughin’ don’t really mean you understand what’s been
And if yer laughin’ at us then you really can’t be understandin’
Shout it out

Drums: Protect the Target
Bass: HohnerHdLsJazz-Brick-dbx160XT
LdVoc: SM7b-VC1Q
Talk: M500-VC1Q
BV’s: MD421II-VC1Q
RthmGts: Hamer-Mrshl-E602-ISA1
LdGtr: F100-Mrshl-545-ISA1


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