Vlayman: “Sinkin’ Fast”

Sinkin’ Fast
c. 12 Vlayman

Seeing how you failed yet again
Believin’ you ain’t goin’ nowhere, fast

Feelin’ that you’re in need of some direction
Needin’ to understand how I tied myself to your mast

Ch: It ain’t the thinkin’
Ain’t even the drinkin’
We’re sinkin’ fast

Seeing how we can’t seem to last
Believin’ we ain’t goin’ nowhere, fast

Feelin’ how you’re fallin’ apart again, about to crash
Bein’ that you ain’t got too many friends, without the cash

Seein’ that you’re in need of protection at last
Needin’ to understand how it’s the end, and so fast

Drums: GoodTimes
Bass: EpiGoth-Brick-dbx160XT
LdVoc: PV520i-Eureka
BV’s: SM7b-Eureka
LeadGtr: BluFrndz-Mrshl-545-ISA1


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