Onboard Preamp Pads

My posts at TOMB about ’em:

So I was reading where someone mentioned that using the pad on the Summit 2BA-221 while mic’ing allowed him to get a different – and he thought better – sound than without. 

So I tried engaging same on my Summit, and on a UA710. I’m not very sure of a huge difference in that I was recording acoustic guitar, what is somewhat unusual for me, but it seems I can get to the distortion point quicker, which is nice on these two pre’s. 

Anyone else utilize pre-amp pads to vary the sound? 

And to the extent a pre does not come with one, does anyone use an outboard pad after the mic?


No, I mean “using the pad on the Summit 2BA-221” – it and the 710 have a built-in pad. 

And I’m actually asking about using the pad to “vary the sound”. 

Sorry I was unclear. Sad 

In my application, then, by engaging the built-in pads on those pre’s, I can get more of the tube (or S/S) “drive’ (both pre’s have separate S/S and tube gain knobs, with the UA also having a following “level” knob.) 

And so my question(s) was/were, does anyone do this for the sound of it, and does anyone use a outboard, in-line pad for the same reason, IOW, not to pad a hot signal like a drum, but rather to get more gain from the pre.


Good info there, y’all. 

And I suppose, then, I am to conclude that the answer to my question, “does anyone do this for the sound of it”, is “no”. 


I haven’t done it a lot yet, but when Mr. S____ says, “And if I still need to, I finally use the mic preamp pads, although I find all of them to alter the sound, so I try not to use them if possible”, I find the onboard pads do change the sound somewhat, especially in allowing me to overdrive the onboard full-voltage tube part of my Summit and UA pre’s. 

That, or my meds haven’t cut in. 

Or they have. Twisted Evil


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