Vlayman: “Final”

c. ’12 Vlayman

I know that you wanna negoiate
You must hate that I have nothin’ to say
I know you think I oughta deliberate
But I won’t masturbate, at least not today

I reckon you feel I oughta understand
But man-oh-man, I must be slow
I know you think that I’ll think again
But I’ll tell you friend, you oughta know

This ain’t the hardest thing I ever done
This is fun watchin’ you cry now
Ain’t no chance I’m gonna step on back, oh no,
What I done is final

I can see that you’re startin’ to understand
That’s right man, it’s how I said
Hard to believe ya took so long to comprehend
But now ya got it man
It’s good my friend, this won’t end with ya dead

Drums: nettage loop edits
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XTR
RthmGtr: Autowah-SG-ProJr-MXL144-ISA1
RthmGtr: Wah-SG-ProJr-MXL144-ISA1
LdGtr: Luna-VC1QLP-ProJr-MXL144-ISA1
LdGtr: Slide-LP-ProJr-MXL144-ISA1


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