Vlayman: “Funky Claude”

Funky Claude
c. ’12 Vlayman

Y’all come down to Montreaux, On that Swiss lake shoreline,
Y’all gotta come on down, now, Have yerselfs a good time,
It’s a place the ya go, when the world needs what ya have,
And it’s soul and rock and roll, and folk and all that jazz,
Courtesy of Funky Claude.

They got some big stages, and some smaller ones, too,
In some big concert halls and some smaller venues,
And it’s world class and there’s been a thousand recordings
Done live as hell, at least once on the The Rolling Truck Stones
Mobile thing
Awe, Funky Claude

Dave Brubeck, Bowie, Zappa and Les McCann
Nina Simone and Clapton, Deep Purple, Prince and Van the Man
Miles Davis, Cocker, Aretha, Leonard Cohen and Bill Evans,
B.B. King and Sting, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray and Benson, Paul
Simon, Led Zep and Bob Dylan,
All came to Funky Claude.

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT
RthmGtrs: SG-RE10-Brick
LdGtrs: SG-Blue Spark-Brick
LdVoc: AT4040-Brick-dbx166X
BV’s: M500-Brick-dbx166X


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