Vlayman: “Sack Cloth & Ashes (1-20-13 challenge)”

for the cabinetpin.com 1-20-13 challenge

Sack Cloth & Ashes (1-20-13 challenge)
c. ’12 Vlayman Products

There ain’t no other thing that you can do
There ain’t no other way out there for you
You dress the part, you try to succeed
No matter what yer gonna hafta bleed

You been wearing
Sack cloth and ashes
I know it’s lame, I don’t know how to begin
No matter what I do, it grows back in

I been wearing
Sack cloth and ashes

People change and snakes shed their skin
but no matter what they do, it grows right back in
We try so hard, we give it all we got
No matter what, we ain’t ever got enuff

We been wearing
Sack cloth and ashes

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx163XT
LdVoc: SM7B-UA710-ARTvla2
BV’s: PV520i-UA710-ARTvla2
LdGtr: SG-Mrshl-144-Eureka_545-ISA1
RthmGtr: SG-Mrshl-545-ISA1-MXL144-Eureka