Randumb CD reviews

That Steve Cropper record is great.

I’ve also been enjoying Soul Sessions 2, and the recent re-masters of the Sugar catalog, and the latest Don Fagen and Bob Mould, and the two Dead Weather records, and the last two Smashing Pumpkins records, and Bringing Down the Horse.

I must warn anyone attempting to follow in my footsteps, do spread these selections out over a few days, or you will get dizzy. Twisted Evil

Diggin’ Gary Clark, Jr.’s rather eclectic first full-length; lotsa soul, Hendrix/Vaughn, Prince influences and a hip-hop tune. What really amuses me is that I so like his playing, but hate his lead tones.  Still, “Bright Lights, Big City” (re-done from the EP or just re-mixed?) shall become a classic.  “You’re gonna know my name …”

James McMurtry, Childish Things: a guest shot from Joe Ely, and some of the greatest, erudite lyrics of the last half-dozen yers – plays guitar, also, and has Dave Grissom and Bukka Allen.

Those Bastard Souls; 20th Century Chemicals: I love me some Grifters, and this is close.

Bob Mould, Silver Age: he’s so fucking under-rated it’s a crime.

Dr. John, Rhino Best Of: even “Iko-Iko” rocks. (I have a cuppla teens and I was just ‘splaining to ’em that two years before the oldest was born I spent 5 daze around Mardi Gras down there, drank in Tipi’s, met some local gurrls and some imported strippers (didn’t tell the kids that part Twisted Evil ), drank a lot and karaoke’d a lot and drank some more and …
… anywhat, every bar we went in had sing-alongs and that year it was some Garth Brooks tune about latigo {looked it up, “Rodeo”}, and “Iko”, which was much better, altho’ I must have heard it 20 times.) I always wanted to walk on gilded splinters, not stick ’em in my ears (like Garth made me wanna do).

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, eponymous: I wanna do her even if/as she over-emotes, and the band is shit-hot.

Audioslave, eponymous: too bad about the smashing, because the performances are “A+”, and the songs never below a “B”.

The Essential Nina Simone ; other than the sometimes annoying vibrato it’s great stuff, especially the Dylan covers.

Psychedelic Pill, what may be Neil Young’s Physical Graffiti.

Graham Parker, with The Rumor! Three Chords Good – and it is.

Patterson Hood – Killing Oscar. As good as any all-Hood DBT – sure I miss Cooley’s and Shauna’s (who’re on here in places along with the rest of DBT) songs and singing, but this is truly excellent, written mostly in ’94 and recorded in ’05, kinda a lost DBT record.

Chris Cornell – Carry On. I still haven’t bought Soundgarden’s latest, but I do enjoy this ever so much more than Scream, altho’ my teen daughter digs both.

Silversun Pickups – Neck of the Woods. I’m not big on the drium sound -it’s so annoying I hafta mention it (latest Bush, also) but other than that, solid.

Bauhaus – Go Away White. If you are a fan, well, this is my fave, after Gotham.


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