eBogshite redux

Asked some further questions about the last post, I answer:

This particular item was only cheaper because it is “refurb”.  Amazon’s prices are the same as or better, “new”.  I thought that the refurb would be like a used one, re-furb’d and inspected for the few dollars more refurb’d cost vs. used.

The immediate billing is fine – but why can’t I get an immediate refund?  Or at least a simultaneous?  They know by the registered shipping when it’s shipped.  If the argument is they wanna be sure than, 1. they assume I’m a thief, and, 2. they are stalling, and finally, 3. they are operating on my money without paying interest.

The sales tax advantage is mutual – I don’t agree to give up my rights of parity in the sales contract because they are without a physical store.

What should have been done? Immediate payback, a discount, a partial refund and keep the item, etc.  Instead, I got a demand that I pay the return postage for their defect, than an offer to pay that was retracted, a stalling process, the loud implication that I’m a thief, insults to my intelligence and honor, rudeness, and the theft of the use of my money for the time of dispute to resolution.  Did you note my final decision?  I’m not even going to return the item on their terms – it’s the principle.

Bottom line: I mean what I said – it ain’t worth it, never again, and they are taking advantage of the consumer who is gambling that the lower price justifies the risk. IMO, it does not, nor does eBog adequately protect the consumer in this situation – as rare a situation as it might be.

Oh yeah, and screw centrix-intl.com.


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