Vlayman: “The Shelf”

The Shelf
c. ’13 Vlayman Products

Well, it’s on,
it’s never been anything else,
It’s on, sittin’ on,
the back shelf,
Well, it’s there,
it’s never been anywhere else,
It’s there, right there,
It’s there on the back shelf.

Where ya keep it,
Where ya keep it,
At night.

Well, it’s here,
It’s never been anything else
Yeah, it’s right here,
I took it offa the shelf,
Well, it’s gone,
It’s never belonged to anyone else,
And now it’s gone, all gone,
We tore down that shelf.

Where ya kept it,
Where ya kept it,
At night.

Drums: Mike Vecchione
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT
VOX: MXLv69ME-Summit-dbx160XT
RthmGtr: SG-Marshall-R144-ISA1_-565SD-UA710
LdGtr: Wildkat-Mrshl-ATR30-UA710
Tambo: RE10-UA710


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