Re “Play ‘Em Hard”

In answer to a question at, I said:

There’s a rhythm guitar on each side, my Gibson American (SG) into a Quadra-Sound Blender into a Musicman HD130 head into a 2×12″ Celestion open-back cab, close mic’d witha AKG hand-held and a room ribbon mic.  They’re played immediately after each other with mic’s in place and the same amp/guitar settings, and recorded and mixed exactly the same, except the right side has 10% more room on the mixdown. (The lead is my MIJ Strat into my Marshall what was sitting right next to the other rig – I just turned the close mic on it’s stand to face the Marshall and left the room mic in place, gave it a touch of slap-back in the mix.)

I re-did the vox at the last minute because the refrain was “You gotta look hard” and I thought the new refrain fits better, and I can use “look hard” on another song.   whistle


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