Talkin’ patchbays

In answer to a question at TOMB, I posted:


Outs: / Summit/ VC3Q/ ISA1/ MP105 /Meek MC2 L/ Meek MC2 Rt/ RNC/ 163X/ 1176/ Altec/ Open/ Brick/ VTB1/ GM200 L/ GM200 Rt
Ins: ” ”

Outs: / Tuner/ Eureka/ ART TPS L/ ART TPS Rt/ Microcab/ VC1Q/ Open/ Hafler T2/ UA710/ VLA L/VLA Rt/ 166A L/166A R/ 866 L/ 866/Rt/ Open/ 160XT
Ins: ” ”

I use a short stage snake with a XLR box to TRS cable ends to the patchbay for the XLR ins on the pre’s. I take the out of the last piece in a given chain (say, Summit pre to 1176) from the patchbay to my M-Audio Delta breakout box.

It looked like this a while back. (PB’s top left, yellow cable to breakout box, snake lower left.)



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