Recording Vox w/ EQ

In answer to a question at TOMB regarding recording vocals with EQ (in this case on a Meek VC3Q), I posted:

One way to approach it, and I did this when I used my VC3Q a lot, is to think of the EQ as a way of getting a sound, vs. as a EQ. By what I mean, I made it sound good going in in the context of how the full song was progressing. Then I did whatever corrective EQ was necessary in the mix.

Lemme note, and this is my current practice, other than pass-filters, I try to make EQ decisions by the mic’s and their placement, as well as the hardware I’m recording through. For example, an SM58 will sound much different than yer Rode through the same recording chain.

To take that example further, I quite often merely change mic’s for the backing vocals, leaving the pre and compressor in the chain set the same (inspired by something cgarges posted, altho’ I’m not saying he does that).

All of that said, if yer vocals are consistently too dark, roll of some bottom, add a cuppla dB at 4kHz, etc.


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