The Hungry Drunx: “My Nightmares”

My Nightmares
c. ’12 The Hungry Drunx

Fallin’ over the edge of the parapet
It’s the kinda thing, man, you just can’t beat it

Sinkin’ to the bottome of the frozen lake
The kinda thing that happens after the ice you’re on breaks
CH: I do love my night mares
Comin’ to inna party room as they all stare
Don’ know how you got there with no clothes to wear
Wakin’ up inna closet, where you’re locked down
Pitch back and somebody’s tryna knock the door down

Drums: Snarl
Bass: IbanezAEB10E-Brick-dbx160XT
RthmGtrs: Wshbrn-PL5-ISA1-1176_EV635a-UA710-DOD866
LdGtr: Tele-Ricki-SB 23L-ISA1
Vox: Apex460-Summit-RNC


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