Vlayman: “Faerie Tails”

 for the cabinetpin.com 3-20-13 challengeFaerie Tails (3-20-13 challenge)

c. ’13 Vlayman Produx

Little Miss Muffet kept boys around
Fed ’em all sweet curds and whey
Little Miss Muffet kept ’em around
Loved having her tuffet in play
Crazy Miss Muffet was a bit strange
She creamed and she screamed for spiders
Yeah, Crazy Miss Muffet spent all her days
Frightening all those along side her.

Chicken Little sat in the middle
Thought he’s happy with what he’s got
Chicken Little, sittin’ in the middle
Didn’t realize he was in the the middle of the pot.
Crazy chicken, didn’t mind pickin’
Pickin’ out them what he thought he loves
Yeah, Crazy chicken, gonna be a finger lickin’
Mess for them what he thinks love him.

Little Bo Peep played with her sheep
All them guys thought they knew her so well
Little Bo Peep played with her sheep
Brought ’em all with ‘er into her private hell,
Crazy Bo peep wagged her sweet tail
They flocked all about her in the fallin’ rain
Crazy Bo peep, took ’em home without fail
They’ll never do that again

Four and twenty Black birds were up to no good
Always tryna get into strange pie
Four and twenty Black birds never did like they should
And no one was ever surprised
And Little Jack Horner wanked in the corner
And rubbed at the mess with his thumb
Yeah, Crazy Jack Horner, a solo performer
Couldn’t stop squeezin his plumbs.

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvarez-1176-dbx160XT
Vox: MD421n-VC1Q
Gtrs: Tele-M8-MXL9000-ISA1


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