“Multipurpose LDC pair with a vibe? Low end ribbons?”

As posted at TOMB:

I love the AT4040 for overheads and also vocals, and at US$300 new it’s a little cheaper than the 4050.

I think the slutz is on a big CAD M179 kick, and I like those, too, especially the multi-patterns.

Seems like I just posted about this stuff?

Anywhat, I have a single Blue Spark and a single KSM27, and think they be very cool if I had a pair of each.

Finally, I have this weird thing for ADK mic’s (vox and amps, A-51 V especially), and even the MXL R144 ribbons (guitars, room, some vox); each are actually pretty cheap.

Of the above, the R144’s may be the most vibey (do pull out the windscreens and pack the body) while still being flexible, the 4040 or M179’s the most neutral, altho’ I think they do kinda have a “sound”.

Know what I really want for OH’s, tho? I think a pair of M-Audio Luna’s would rock – I have one and just love what I think is the transformer sound.