Vlayman: “Stop Us”

Stop Us (You Can’t)
c. ’13 Vlayman Produx

You can’t say you know everything there is to know abou-ou-t me,
And you can’t say the words you know you need to say
to stop me no, no, no
You can’t stop me

I can’t say I ever experienced nothin’ like the tire tracks on yer back,
And I can’t say I know the way you came, no

I don’t know yer path
And I can’t stop you

Nobody can say to us that they understand what roads what we
been on, no
And we can’t say to them where and when and if the end for us is
ever gonna come
They can’t stop us

Not everyone can understand the plans that we have to have to get
where we’re goin,
And no one can claim to have ran any harder than us towards the
They can’t stop us

You can’t stop me
And I can’t stop you
They can’t stop us

Drums: nettage
Gtrs: LzrdStrat-Mrshl-E609-ISA1
Bass: JacoFretlessMIJ-Brick-dbx160XT
LdVoc: Luna-Summit-RNC
BV’s: AKGd707-Summit-RNC_b


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