The Hungry Drunx: “Stoopie”

c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx

They all think that I’m dumb,
They all think that I’m slow,
They all think I got no idea at all,
No idea of where it goes.

Thay all think I’m a moron,
They all think I’m a joke,
They look at me and start laughin’,
They ain’t know what I know.

Hey, stoopie Hey, stoo-oopie 2x
Hey, stoo-oopi
They don’t wanna know me

I spent me a lotta time,
I think I got I figgered out,
I’m gonna drop a big ol’ dime,
They won’t be ever gettin’ out.

Drums: Snarl
Bass: BadRicky-Brick-dbx160XT
RthmGtrs: LzrdStrat-MMhD130-2x10_Apex609-11_ISA1
LdVoc: KSM27-Eureka-1176
BV’s: BlueSpark-Eureka-1176
LdGtr” BlueFrnds-Marshall-E609-UA710_Apex609-ISA1


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