Some CD reviews

Soundgarden, King Animal: terrific, but I am a long-time fan. I have the Best Buy version with some included demo’s – enlightening.

Trixie Whitley, Four Corners: the more I hear it, the more I love it – what a voice.

Steve Wynn, live in bremen: as a fan, I treasure the patter about the songs, and the clarity of the vocal performance. If I’d never heard of him, I think I’d find this fascinating; it’s very intimate, even as it’s an acoustic and an electric guitar with 2 vocals performance.

Tom Waits, Bad as Me: I keep going back to this to hear”Chicago”, and end up playing the whole thing. The commercial side of Waits, to be sure, but still so unique …

The Blue Oyster Cult, Tyranny and Mutation: how they played this stuff so in ’73 is beyond me, as well as why the first two records weren’t huge hits. Buck Dharma rules! I did have to tell a buddy who whined about the relatively quiet  bottom end level, turn it UP.

Patterson Hood, Heat Lightening Rumbles in the Distance: this guy is an absolute treasure, this album a complete gem.

The Joy Formidable, Wolf’s Law: I really want to really like it, but it’s just OK, with that fucking basketball drum sound like Bush’s and that whiny Pumpkins-clone band’s latest.

Low, the invisible wrong: gets me high.

Mudhoney, Mudhoney: a work of grunge genius, what is not a oxymoron, dude.

Isidore, Life Somewhere Else: where Kilbey takes us to church, with a different congregation.

MBV, Isn’t Anything: I’m still listening to the original mixes these many years later, still trying to figure out why this stuff works, if what’s-name is a genius, and if I like it. I’ll have to listen again.

Danzig, Danzig II-Lucifuge: R. Rubin, B. O’Brien and J. Scott make this sound great, and the band, like on the first record, has silly songs, silly names and a bad enuff ‘tude to make it rock. Whatever happened to J. Christ?

Lou Reed, Animal Serenade: sheer misanthropic poetry, done with very little percussion, and F. Saunders as MVP.

Johnny Marr, The Messenger: I so want to like this, and don’t – over-produced and generic despite the very occasional flashes of genius.


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