Lead vocal mic’s

In response to a query at TOMB, I posted:

I’m pretty cheap, and thus do I recommend:


KSM27: about the cheapest of the Shure LDC’s, the more I use it on vocals (all I’ve tried it on), the more I like it – where I prefer it to both of the above;

M-Audio Luna: I love this on vocals (all I’ve tried it on), a very obvious transformer sound, a little dark and thick and pretty unique among what I’ve listed here;

Blue Spark: why people aren’t raving about this, especially at the price, I have no idea – again, only used on vox, but I love it as kinda the opposite of the Luna, a built in EQ adjustment, capable of great clarity, but try not to sing too loud too close into it;

ADK A-51; I have the model V, and am always amazed at how good it sounds on anything.


I have a couple/3 cheapies, but the MXL V69ME sounds really, really good on vox and room; it’s just such a PITA to set-up (I leave it up, actually, so it’s always in the way Rolling Eyes ) and warm up.


I know you asked re LDC’s, but lemme shout out the MD421 II and RE320 as nice new LD’s, and note that the Peavey 520i is much cheaper and a little brighter/thinner but close to the SM7b, to what I often choose it over. Also worthy is the Beta 58 – surprised me how nicely it records vocals when used with a nice pre. My fave, tho’ is a MD421n.


Again, I have a few cheapies but the Beyerdynamic M500 is very reasonable on the used market, and pretty damn cool on vox – but research it, the design is a little weird …


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