A discussion of “Lemon Sour”

A ‘net friend and I had the follerin’ discussion about the song:

G: Now listen to me, young man…

That guitar ruins what is one of the most wonderfully original things I’ve heard you do (and originality is pretty high with you anyway).

The vocal is lazy and filthy (though loving, in its strange way), the bass is terrific and Snarl’s turned in yet another in what seems to be a series of brilliantly crafted drum parts.

Replace that gol-dang guitar with some distant slide which doubles (maybe varies) the vocal line and you’ll have a little masterpiece of sassy blue hot sleaze.


Yo:  applaud
Yeah butt, I wanted it to sound like Zappa …


G: Zappa played proper guitar and yew dang well knoe it!


Yo: And what is “improper” here?


G: The guitar on that song, for starters.


Yo: Well, I s’pose we can agree to disagree because, after all, I like it in that it was the emotion of the moment, un-rehearsed and spontaneously ejaculated all over the hard-drive once and without tryna gettit up again, pass-filtered, limited and run thru a psychadelic kinda slapback, panned a touch right and turned up for the middle solo, down 3db under the outtro lyrics, up again at the end, and not even played anywhere else to allow the heavily, kinda silly-gated (by Snarl) drums and fretless bass (by me, that I did hafta play twice because I crashed the program with a simultaneous download goin’ on, and I also did hafta time-align 3 notes on) to carry the day, along with vibey voc, actually inspired by that ol’ blooze line (copped by Zep, even) from, I think, Albert King by way of Robert Johnson, about “squeeze my lemon, ’til the juice run down my leg”, altho’ I did switch the gender of the lemon-squeezee and throw inna kinda car metaphor (you will note the typo where I left off “it” after “make”), and the vocal melody was copped from my very own bass-line herein, altho’, again, the solo is just my spooge, what is the point, y’see, when yer singin’ about lemon, and not perfect lemon at that, but rather lemon what is sour, and so you is wrong.



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