Vlayman: “Move On’er”

Move On’er
c. ’13 Vlayman Produx

Way back there in the corner
With her black hair in her raccoon eyes
I can feel me getting warmer
Thinkin’ ’bout them tattoo’d thighs

Awe, I wanna groo-oo-oove on her
I think I’m, I’m gonna move on’ er

Send the waitress o’er with a shot,
sompin’ special, rock-n-rye
Will she know I’m diggin’ her a lot?
Will she look up, shook
Meet my eyes?

I never been here before
But I’m gettin’ glad I came alone
I’m thinkin’ mebbe she digs me a lot
Gonna gimme a shot
Lemme take her home

Drums: nettage
LdVoc: Luna-Summit-ProVLA2
BV’s: RS33-1070D_Summit-ProVLA2
Gtr1: LzrdStrat-1176-Summit
LdGt: Paul-Mrshall-CADtsm411-ISA1_ADK5.1V-UA710
Keys: YamahaS03Vox66=ARTtps


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