Pre-amp attenuation

Because I run short distances (less than 4′) my pre’s and patchbay all use unbalanced TS connectors.

I’ve been wanting to use an actual attenuator on the pre’s – as opposed to the out put gain controls on them what have them – especially my transformer-based, one-knob Altec 1589b, in order to crank the gain and get what results (more iron, tube, op-amp, etc.)

I just received and got done hooking up the  Radio Design Labs STP-1 – freakin’ awesome!

Using my Altec with a dynamic mic in front and sending white noise, I can get attentuation of about 35-38 dB.

I have never been able to crank the Altec beyond 12:00 for a reasonable singing voice level 1′ off a typical dynamic, without using a compressor, etc.

That’s even more limiting, of course, with a cranked amp.

I just wired the thing right into my patch bayand so can use it with any of my pre’s.

I love painting with new colors!



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