Vlayman: “Sympathy

cabinetpin.com 20th of the month challenge


No Sympathy
c. ’13 Vlayman

Sympathy plays no place in it
Sympathy, Sympathy
Ain’t my fault you always feel like shit
No sympathy, No sympathy

It ain’t about how you was borned, no. no
It’s all about how you was raised

Sympathy gots nothin’ to do with it
Sympathy, Sympathy
It’s your fault you ain’t get over it
No sympathy, No sympathy

Sympathy just ain’t your right
Sympathy, Sympathy
But I’ll give it to you hard all night
Without sympathy, No sympathy

Drums: nettage
Bass: HohnerHdlJazz-Brick-160XT
LdVoc: EV674-Eureka-RNC
BV’s: M500-Eureka-RNC
Gtrs: Paul-Marshall-RE320-ISA1


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