Vlayman: “Nightmare (Some Kinda)”

Nightmare (Some Kinda)
c. ’13 Vlayman

I can’t decide where I seen you before
I think it was probably somewhere
in a waking dream

I can’t recall if we ever met
I think, mebbe not
but I can’t be sure

CH: It musta been a nightmare
It mighta been I don’t care
But it was prob’ly a nightmare
It was prob’ly a nightmare

I don’t know if I was ever scared
I think not of you but mebbe
just cuz I was dreaming

I’m not the kind who gets afraid of the dark
And you ain’t my fear
but I can’t be sure

I can’t believe that I seen you before
But I know you’rezz familiar
From some drugged-out dream

I can’t predict what I’m gonna do
I don’t think I would hurt you
but I can’t be sure

Drums: Mike Vechionne
Bass: BadRickie-Brick-dbx160XT
AcGtr: Ibz-ADKsc1-Eureka; Ibz-SPc4-Eureka; Ibz-SPc4OMNI-Eureka
LdVoc: AT4040-ISA1-MeekMC1
BV’s: SM63l-ISA1-MeekMC1; AT802-ISA1-MeekMC1
LdGtr: MIJstrat-RickM80(Rt66)-Shure545-UA710_MIJstrat-RickM80(Rt66)-SM63l-ISA1-MeekMC1(room)


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