The Overturians: “A BFM” (adult)

c. ’13
Music: Vlayman
Derrangement: Silversmith
Lyrics: Vlayman & WRC

/When it /began I /turned and /ran (4)
/I hadda /come back /right then (3)
It wuzza / real test, /a big f*** ing /mess, (4)
/I hadda /see the /end (3)

/ In the / middle of the / mess I / realized, (4)
/ It was / time, I / needed a rest, (3)
/ It had / been a / test, a / f*** ing mess, (4)
/ Let ’em / all collide, I’d / done my best … (3)

/ Now my need / to stay / in the / game (4)
/ Keeps me in / pain, / still in the game (3)
/ It had / been a / mess, a / f*** ing test, (4)
/ Waiting for the / circumstance to / change (3)

I gotta ask you baby, did you think that it would play?
I know you’ll answer, “maybe”, what elese you gonna say?

Drums, Banjo, Martin, Vocal, Bass: Silversmith
SurfGtr, BV’s: WRC
SustainGtr, Mix: Vlayman
GtrSmash concept: Snard



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