Mo’ re the 664

In answer to a question at

Well, thing is like 50+ years old.

The wires coming thru the hinge had been previously repaired, I’d guess 20+ years ago, and the repairist had put putty in the hinge to hold ’em in place, what was stupid because the idear is they should flex as the mic is turned in relationship to the handle part.

The Amphenol jack crumbled after I plugged it in a few times.

Part of the wiring problem was that the hinge screw, what is a cool design involving a a tube-nut that fits into the hinge and holds it steady, was missing and replaced with a nut & bolt.

Finally, the thing was so well-used that the hinge couldn’t be tightened down, what left it all floppy like Dolly Partons tits.

So I hadda disassemble the thing, chip out the putty, re-wire it, replace the jack (I used a cannon connector I had laying ’round from another project and a short length of mic cable), use a hinge screw offa broken Slimaire I had laying around, and squeeze the hinge tighter (not easy – it’s actually a cast zinc body) and put some vinyl innit to tighten it.


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