Vlayman: “Colder (Hell Is Growing)”

Colder (Hell is Growing)
c. ’13 Vlayman

You keep on tellin’ me I’m lookin’ so good,
You keep on saying we’re gettin’ younger,
But this here, my dear, is real life,
And we ain’t starrin’ in The Hunger.

CH: You keep sayin’ we ain’t gettin’ any older,
And Hell is growin’ colder

You keep callin’ out too all your old friends,
You keep sending out old portraits,
You keep tellin’ them yer glad yer not them,
But you never leave your fortress.


You live on champers and the drugs you like to take
You hardly ever see the sunlight
You never sleep and you’re never fully wake
You only move about in moonlight

Gtrs: Washburn-CADglx300-ISA1-Mix
LdVoc: Luna-VC1q
BV’s: RE320-VC1Q


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