Some mic notes re live vox

From a email exchange w/ me Scots bud, Billy C.:

My preferred live vocal recording mic is the Shure Beta 58.  It has excellent rejection and sounds great.
There’s a Grammy-winning producer (Nick Sevilla, for Steve Martin) who highly reco’s the Sennheiser 835 – I’ve been looking for one cheap for a while now.
I like the standard SM58, which can sound very, very good through a decent pre-amp.  There is a reason everyone knows that Bono uses it (and the Beta)
I also like the AKG D5, second only to the Beta.
I have an Audix OM2, a cheaper mic, which doesn’t sound as good as the 58, but has even better rejection.
I really love my Beyer M500, what is a weird hand-held ribbon mic.  It’s kinda not-bright, but that can be just the thing, and rejection is good; not too cheap, tho’.
I frequently use the EV635a/PL5 (omni) for BV’s, as well as the RE10.  I like them because they are not full range, but the RE10 especially has been a live mainstay over the years.
Re the MD421’s, they were used in the Concert for Bangladesh, are all over the DVD; I have never seen anyone use the SM7b live, altho’ I recall recently reading a post at ‘slutz about it, a cuppla guys doing it.
The Heils get a lot of love over at Gearslutz, but they seem a bit expensive, not many available on the used market where I tend to buy.
The Nuemann, well, that’s a lotta moola!

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