Some notes re omni mic’s:

From a emal exchange w/ me Scots bud, Billy C.:

Well, a omni picks up everything, mostly, so you get no isolation, lotsa room.  The advantage of omni is exactly that (like for a room mic), and also for it’s lack of proximity effect (bass boost thru nearness of the sound source), what can be good for things like backing vox, etc.
I like the dynamic omni’s I have (and I have 4-5) for backing vox, and acoustic guitars.  They come out almost pre-shelf-filtered.
The EV635a is a well-known “trash” room mic, and also works well in the heart position (near top of the bass drum to catch it and the snare).
Omni’s are also good close up on a amp in combination with a more distant LDC or ribbon where ya use the omni for the bright part of the amp sound.
I also have some omni condensors, where the mic’s have variable patterns, like figure-8, etc.
Besides a cuppla tube mics (really like the MXL V67ME, BTW) it’s a terrific feature on the CAD M179, what is basically a infinitely variable-pattern mic.  With that mic you can position it and then turn the pattern adjustment dial with the mic in place, to get more or less room,/focus, and the accompanying EQ changes.
Omni can also be a cool sound when doing M/S, in alternative to the trad figure-8.

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