Notes on the “Ravenous” guitars

In answer to some questions, I posted:

All guitars tracked as pictured [below], just played on different pups and with different inversions, no FX other than the crapper-verb, and variations in the stereo panning (leads are panned narrower).

Yes, the guitar “room” mic – about 4′ out, is a MXL144 that I modded by pulling out the wind screen, tightening the ribbon and damping the can with scrap cloth.

The close mic (about 6″ out) is my prized Shure 545 Unidyne.  Mine is a old one, and I highly reco them for amps – they are like a brighter but smoother ’57, with less of the mid-range bump.

Combined with the ribbon, you can get a nicely balanced track, altho’ here the 2 rhythm guitars are panned room mic to hard-side and close mic to opposite about 30%, each guitar’s mic’s panned opposite each other.  The leads are also panned opposite each other, about 25% each mic.

My intent was to make a Stonesy kinda guitar blend.


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