Asked to name my fave song recording …

A post at TOMB asked:  “One song that encompasses all of your emotional and aesthetic investment in music and audio production– Which song will it be? Why? ”

I answered:

Why “Thunder Road”? (Embarrassingly listed as “Born to Run” above because I was in a hurry and also thinking of it, and “Backstreets”. Embarassed )

Because, IMO, “The screen door slams, Mary’s dress waives …” is my favorite opening line, not just of any song, but of anything, also including books, poems, speeches, commercials, anything.

Because of the big lead vocal, the big BV’s, the big drums and piano and guitars and big concept, that rock and roll can save you.

I did get a guitar and learn how to make it talk, and Roy Orbison does sing for the lonely.


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