Vlayman: “Wrong (You Would Be)”

Wrong (You Would Be)

You think you know everything about me
You think you comprehend it all, I see
You thing you have everything down

You would be wrong.

You preen and you posture as you walk by
You seem to believe that I’m about to cry
You think   that you can write my song

You would be wrong.

You tell all your friends what they don’t wanna know
You mouth gets a-going and it goes and it goes
You think you can keep goin’ on and on

You would be wrong.

Drums: nettage
Bass: JacoFrtless(DODch)-Brick-dbx160XT
RthmGtrs: KramerAlum(DODcmp-DGverb-Shrt)-MMhd130-2×12-
LdVoc: MD421n-Brick-dbx160XT-RNC
BV’s: SM63L–Brick-dbx160XT-RNC
LdGtrs: MIJstrat-Marshall(Rt66)-Brick-dbx160XT


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