V&G: “All These Women” w/ Grankspoine Vox!

All These Women
c. ’13 Vlayman

Sue St. Marie was a sailor’s daughter
Born off the coast of Gethsamane
She had some lambs she love but led them to the slaughter
And then she started in on me

Claire LaCroix was the daughter of a tailor
She only wore the finest crinoline
Lace and ribbons were on the outside
Leather and silk within

CH: All these women are like breath to me
All these women will be death … to me

Iris de Mornay was married to a soldier
He was always off fighting in the great wars
She waited for him something like a cuppla hours
Then she came askin’ me for more

Madeline never had a last name
Everybody knew her as just plain old Madeline
Madeline worked behind the red light
In my favorite house of sin

Drums: nettage (GRA)
Bass: Alvz-1176-dbx160XT
Vox, keys, guitars: Gtrankspoine


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