The Hungry Drunx: “For Givin'”

For Givin’
c. ’14 The Hungry Drunx

Alabaster is the color of your skin
You know being darker cain’t be no sin
But your daddy’s a bastard and won’t let him in
so you’re gonna go on the lam

Awe little lamb, Oh goddamn you just don’t know what you’re in for
Running from the law and from yer pa, livin’ hard and always dirt-poor
(Can’t make no livin’ just for givin’)

Bright & shiny gold is the color of your hair
Ya keep it clean, grow it down to there
Walkin down the street, all the people stare and stare
They seem to see you’re on the lam

He’s gotta job now, you gotta place
You gotta baby, baby, made in haste
You gotta taste of how it fe-e-e-els
To be on the lam

Drums: Snarl
RthmGtrL: MIJstrat(BarberDD)-E609-ISA1_
RthmGtrR: G&Kf100(BarberDD)-E609-ISA1_
Bass: Jaco-Brick-dx160XT
LdVoc: SennMD511-Summit-RNC
BV’s: ShureSM56L-Summit-RNC
LdGtrs: Tele(FulltonePro)-Marshall-MD511-ISA1


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