Why I like MS Paint

Azza semi-creative adult with a finger in too many (but not the right kind) of pies, it’s groovy to have something that works well, even if inna very limited way.

And since the limitations are the product of my choosing a very basic tool that is not really intended to do what I seek, it feels like a accomplishment to push it to the results I get, what I like, for all their crudity.

In some ways it’s like writing a song onna two-string bass, or cooking a meal with just 3 left-overs, or changing someone’s mind with a 4 minute argument.

I like the challenge, the imposed speed, the need to see and utilize the limited options as a virtue, a feature notta fault.

(You should note that all of my album covers are done with MS Paint, usually with the processing available in Irfanview.)


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