Some more mic posts

I posted these at TOMB re someone asking about LDC’s:


I have that MXL [Mogami Edition] tube mic, and it really is very good, but not very spontaneous to use. But I do love it on vocals, and especially on acoustic guitar.

If it has to be a condensor (and there are some awesome dynamics out there), I tell friends that the ADK A51V and the CAD GXL3000 are both pretty alright for under US$200 used.

The best buy, and multi-pattern, could be the CAD M179 for around the same money. I also have a Samson C02 mult-pattern that I used for M/S drums for a while that was OK for that purpose.

The next level up for me would be the AT4040, KSM27 and I really like the kinda vintage trannie sound of the M-Audio Luna; all can be US$300 or less.


+1 on the dynamics tip!

I find I use ’em at least as much as condensors on vocals (and more than anything on amps, followed by ribbons); I really only tend to prefer condensors on acoustic guitars, altho ‘ a 635a or a 57 sometimes works, also.

Lead vocal-wise, then, I like the the old MD421n I bought here best, but also like the 421 II, the RE320, and the (not large dia.) Beta 58, and my ancient EV 664.

Also, the SM7b and it’s cheaper clone the Peavey 520i, and the AKG D5, and I think some of the EV N/D mic’s are technically large dia., and many are very useful; even the N/D267 is worthy on vocals and amps.

FWIW, I frequently use inexpensive omni dynamics for backing vocals (Shure 63L 635a, Rat Shack 33-1070d, AT802, etc.) as well as room and even close mic’s on amps and percussion.

As for those old AKG’s, they are so cool, and I use them on amps, BV’s, snare, etc.

I’ll stop now, not talk about ribbons or PZM’s or even phantom-powered dynamics unless ya ask. Twisted Evil


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