Vlayman: “Ask”

c. ’14 Vlayman

It’s in your eyes, everything you thought you’d never get to do
It’s in your eyes, and it’s tellin’ me all about you
It’s in your eyes, hiding back behind what yer sayin’
It’s in your eyes, the game you’re playin’

Ch: We don’t have to move too fast
But if ya want it baby
You’re gonna have to ask
I’m gonna make ya ask

It’s in your heart, everything of which you’ll ever be able
It’s in your heart, and it’ll make you capable
It’s in your heart, trying hard as hell to come out
It’s in your heart, I know you know what I’m talkin’ about


It’s in your head, anything you thought was holding you down
It’s in your head, and it’s time you let it on out


Drums: Vezina
Bass: Alvz-Marlboro-AKGp2-Brick-dbx160XT
Vox: MXL V69ME-Summit-RNC
Gtrs: G&Lf100-DanoFT-ProJr-MD421II-ISA1; Superlux-Altec


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