Vlayman: “Maraschino”

c. Vlayman ’14

You get the taste of her, on yer lips,
Don’t want to waste no part of that,
C’mon son, lemme give you a tip,
She knows where the sugar’s at.

Woah-oh, Maraschino
O-ah-oh, you know she knows
Woah-oh, Marashino
O-ah-oh, she gots where the good stuff goes.

A little bitter, mo’ bitter than you,
But that’s alright you can handle her,
C’mon son, she won’t bite,
And’ it’s aiight, you know you want her


On her latte
wif extra whipt cream
She takes a red cherry no question
On her dresser,
you leave a little green
And use a whole little discretion

Taste the whiskey, back of her throat
Taste the sweetness on her teeth
Cmon son, by now you need it
She knows all about the sweet relief

Drums: Vezina-H2
Bass: AlvzBrdge-E602-Brick-dbx160XT
LdVoc: Sputnik-Eureka
BV’s: M500-Eureka
GtrL: G&Lf100-ProJr-E609-Brick-dbx160XT


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