“Budget” Tube Mic’s

Aiight, so I been indulging my passion/addiction/GAS/OCD with buying mic’s for a while now, and have accumulated some tube mic’s.

In order of preference, on my vocals:

M-Audio Sputnik
Apex 460
MXL 9000

A bit of detail: there are no mods except replacement tubes in the two MXLs and Apex. The Sputnik & GT are mini-tubes, and very similar in construction, but the Sputnik just seems to record cleaner, a bit less hyped, with less artifacts. Of them all, the Sputnik is the most natural sounding. The MXL is obviously tube-sounding, a bit hyped in that respect, but musically colorful. I like the GT a lot, just not as much as the first two. The Apex is useable, but a little bright and lo-fi, the only multi-multi-pattern of the bunch, altho the Sputnik has 3 patterns. The 9000 is the most lo-fi of the bunch, and I wanna start using it on guitar & mebbe bass amps, mebbe kick …

I really like tube mic’s, altho’ they are a PITA to set up and warm up – what is what I’m waiting as I write this (V69).

Appearance-wise, BTW, I’d rank ’em the same.

It strikes me that I have about US$1,100.00 invested in these 5 mic’s (all bought used offa the E-bog), where mebbe I coulda bought a Neumann or a Peluso or sompin’, but I like having the various sounds as I find ’em inspiring.

I’m playing with the idear of modding the 460 and the 9000, also …


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