Vlayman: “Fretless”

c. ’14 Vlayman

I never worry, no, not me
I never concern myself with nothin’
I never hurry, it ain’t benificial, you see
Always runnin’ round after somethin’

There ain’t nothin’, never bother me
I don’t get worried ’bout nothin’ at all
When I’m comin’ they never see me
Don’t care if she’s’s too short or tall

Fretless 3x

I never lose sleep, no not me
Mebbe I ain’t too deep, but it ain’t my concern
I got no possesions or people to care about, you see
I can watch this whole town burn
and remain

Fretless 3x

Some of us prefer it Jaco style
Slippin’ & slidin’ into place
Alttle vibtration
And the look on yer face
There is them, what claim to hate me
They ain’t no problem of mine
They can’t never catch up, you see
I’m already on down the line

Fretless 12x

Drums: Vezina
Bass: Jaco-VC3Q
Ld&BV’s: Sputnik-Eureka
BV’s: OM2-Eureka
Gtr: G7Lf100(glass slide)-Marshall-Superlux-Eureka


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