Vlayman: “Until I’m Late (Wait) “

Until I’m Late (Wait)
‘c. ’14 Vlayman Produx


I know yer inna hurry to get goin’
You got a thing about you needs to move
But if it wasn’t for the things that I am knowing
You wouldn’t move along with such a groove

Don’t you wanna wait
until I’m late?
I know how you hate bein’ slow
Don’t you wanna wait
until I’m late, baby?
Wait for me before ya go

Every buddy’s talkin’ ’bout how’s yer motor’s runnin’
They all see you at the starting line
We all know that you like nothin’ better’n gunnin’
But baby’s got learn to earn her time


Once there was a rabbit thought it knew where it was headed
It passed all the jackyls and the tortise and the snake
That crazy rabbit, tho’ is gonna end up deaded
‘cus she really don’t know how much more I can take

Drums nettage
Bass: EpiGoth-VC3Q


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