Some mic notes

Digital Reference DR-KX1 Kick/Bass Drum Microphone; it’s prob’ly not too good on kick, but it’s nice and small and sounds aiight on bass (here) – I’m thinkin’ for toms, tho’.

Sterling Audio SP50 and SP30: not sure why I bought these other than they were so cheap, but they are interesting in that the “LDC” and “SDC” styles have the same small diaphragm. The 50 is actually pretty solid feeling, but the 30 records a cuppla dB hotter. Not unusable mic’s, but nothin’ to make me wanna use ’em, either (they are the response vox on this, 50 on the left, 30 on the right.)

ADK TC Mk9 TUBE Condenser Mic: I have the Sputnik (all vocals and guitars, here) and really like it but – is there something the matter with me? (other than the obvious, I mean) – I prefer the MXL V69ME with a nice RCA 6072 (stacked vox here). So I got Friday-night rich (see the latest DBT album for the reference) and bid on this and got it for 1/2 the street price of the Mk12. Shipped today, so I may report back if anyone’s interested …


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