Vlayman: “End (How It All Will) “

End (How It All Will)
c. ’14 Vayman Produx

In the grey morning on the first day of the month,
I heard the calling of the birds for their mates,
There was no warning on that first day of the month,
that you’d be late.

In the red morning just before the storms began,
I heard the mothers calling for the children,
There was no other warning before the storms began,
But for the light and then the wind.

In the bright morning just before sun fell down,
I heard you calling out my name,
There was no warning just before the sun fell down,
And it never will ever rise up again.

Oooh, my dear
I know just what you fear
You see what I do but you fail to comprehend
How it all will end

Drums: Vezina
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT
LD&BV’s: EV664-Meek VC1Q
BV’s: FXEV664-Meek VC1Q
RthmGtrs: SG-ProJr-E609-ISA1Pad
LdGtr: G&Lf100-Marshall-SuperluxPRA628-ISA1Pad


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