Bustout’s drum session, 3-23-14


Zoom R16 (before cabling) & M-Audio powered monitors & headphone amp (the paper is me explaining sound envelopes and why we need to dampen the kick; the book by the awesome Ainglish police procedural writer, Nick Oldham)

Cabled …

The warbler in the makeshift (scratch) vocal booth constructed of carpet pad on top of tires – the drums are to the right, the recorder behind the photographer

The mic’s I brought – some were even utilized!

Drum kit – the kick mic (Sennheiser E602) is all the way in about 6″ from the beater – the “vocal booth” is behind and to the right of the photographer, the recorder behind and to the left

Mic placement: 1&2 are AT4040 OH’s; 3 is EV RE320 splitting the floor toms; 4 is Sennheiser MD421II splitting the rack toms; 5 is Shure Beta58 on snare; 6 is the E602 in the kick; the other two tracks are scratch vocal and scratch (DI) guitar

My phat arse (no, that’s not a dick mic)

Why my arse is phat


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